Specialties: Combining sports and style, multi-format shooting

Micah Daniel Lewis directs high-energy motion and stills shoots for clients in a wide range of industries, specializing in the narrative and sports worlds. Over his career, he’s produced work for agencies and studios such as The Mill, Rokkan, Votiv, Kode Media and Optimist.

Micah currently directs an ongoing series of short films centered around the game of basketball called “The Courts.” What started as a personal project in 2019 quickly blossomed into a full series after interest developed on social media. The most recent episode was shot on location during the fall of 2022 in St. Louis, MO and featured local standout guard Bryce Spiller.

In the spring of 2020, Micah produced a film and photo shoot at Halfcourt Studios in Portland, OR alongside photographer Sam Scott. Using local talent and crew, the shoot was produced on 35mm and 120mm film. He worked with the Google Brand Studio in 2018 starting with a major event in Oakland, CA called Google Soulfest. In addition to photographing record executives such as Sickamore, Lewis was responsible for canvassing the architecture of the historic Paramount Oakland Theatre.

In 2017, he was sent with Nike Chicago to photograph athlete appearances in Houston for Super Bowl LI. In addition to working with local standout high school athletes, Lewis was responsible for photographing pros and public speakers. Micah has directed several still photography shoots for the @Nike Instagram account, with some posts garnering up to 500k views.

He was profiled by Working Not Working for his contributions to the Nike family and for directing the music video for Tony Cartel’s sophomore single “Memoirs of a Trapper.”

In 2016, Cadillac’s creative agency, Rokkan, hired Micah to produce several still photoshoots for brand, internal and campaign uses on social media. He would later become an on-call content creator for the brand, handling several multi-day shoots in Manhattan, the Smoky Mountains and Chicago.

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